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Module 2: Pre – Production

Learn all the creative tools, at a basic level, you can play with, to define the most adequate rhythm section, melodic- harmonic backgrounds, counter lines; and to reinforce the melody of a song before proceeding to the final packaging, which is the final recording of your song. .

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Module 1 – The Birth of a Song

In this module you will learn tools/strategies to make sure your song has the most unique chords, melody, and the most powerful and uplifting structure. You may apply these tools to compose your new song or modify an existing song, to deliver a more in depth interpretation, both live or in the studio.

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Pivoting Techniques

Learn to make melodies with chords to match the emotional variations of the vocal line, to enjoy yourself even more in music, and open a pathway that will allow your inner creativity to flow seamlessly and therefore take your songs to a world class level.

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On this page you may follow the links to all our available online guitar music courses.  I have designed all these courses to help you as a guitarist portray the maximum creativity in your performance, arrangements and music productions.

Synchronous versus at your own pace mode

You may study online courses in the synchronous mode, where you study at the same pace as the group and collaborate with other group members, or you may study on your own, at your own pace, but still subject to a time frame. 

You will also find that some courses are based upon books I have written. And you may purchase the books separately as an ebook through Kindle Publishing,  or as a hard copy through Amazon. 

I strongly recommend that you participate in online courses in the synchronous mode, as you will be able to obtain extra value from peer reviews of your fellow guitar group members. The synchronous online course mode will also give you access to teacher reviewed assignments and question and answer sessions, through video conference as google hangouts or similar. 

Price consideration

The same course may have different prices. This price difference is proportionate to the amount of work the instructor has to do. If you choose the synchronous mode online learning, your progress will be monitored 24 hours and so will your questions and guitar assignments. 

If you decide to purchase the book, which has a significant lower cost, you will learn at your own comfortable pace and will also be able to post questions to our group forum, where you may get some basic assistance in your learning from other group members. 

Contact me before deciding

Feel free to send me a message if you need help in deciding the most appropriate online course for your learning. In some courses you will be required to demonstrate your previous knowledge so you may see where you are at, and also to understand what you need to learn before getting the most out of the course you select.  

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