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The Online Creative Guitar Academy serves adult guitarists by providing them with the highest quality education available in contemporary music styles as rock, pop, jazz and blues.

At the CGA you will tap into your creative skills to play the music you love the way it makes you feel good. You will definitely enjoy the journey if you love to improvise and compose your own music.

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Feel – Imagine – Create

I have designed the courses to help you achieve your goals, reinventing the how to learn to make sure you feel the new skills and apply them creatively in your recordings.

Creative Guitar Academy Feel and Create

Always with a Teacher

Study online but with a dedicated teacher. Develop all your creative skills using our step-by-step curriculum.

Every week you have a one hour session with your teacher but in between classes you will also submit recorded assignments, so the teacher can track your progress, to make sure you are learning correctly, and you are on the right track for the next lesson.

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Online CGA Courses

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Hear and Play 

No more tabs no more scores, learn all musical concepts aurally, enjoy them, feel them and as a consequence you will memorise music with ease. 

Online CGA Courses

Learn as a Group  

Study in groups of 4 members, 1 hour per week with your dedicated teacher. Interact on a daily basis to complete recorded assignments .  

Creative Guitar Academy Group Courses

Music Improvisation

From Beginners to Advanced levels, you will develop your improvisational skills, so as to never run out of ideas in your playing.

Online CGA Courses

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Gateway between Classical and Contemporary Music

The Online CGA study program is the complement to the classically trained musicians that find it difficult to play without reading a score. Learn to hear the melody, and the chords separately and open up your playing to improvising. 

Creative Guitar Academy Online Courses Improvisation

Meet your Teacher Thomas Lorenzo

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and experience. I am a recording artist with over 35 albums, a Berklee College of Music Graduate, teacher,  composer and author of.

I have dedicated my life to learning how to be creative and explore my full potential as a musician and guitarist.

I want you to have fun so you can spend the rest of your life with music, as a pathway to feel good about yourself and others. 

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Produce Studio Quality Recordings 

Songwriters and composers learn to transform their songs into full band, release- ready, studio productions, with rich harmonies, powerful accompaniments and impressive sound.

Creative Guitar Academy Studio Recordings

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How it Works

Everything You Need, In One Place

Enjoy access to an incredible suite of learning tools to help you play and write on the guitar in the most creative manner.

Develop a solid technique, but learn to perform, compose and record by gaining skills in:

  • Aural training to help learn to hear what you want to play, memorise and be able find it instantly on the guitar.
  • Harmony to help you compose, expand your creativity and develop your improvisational skills. 
  • Arranging so you can learn how to play your songs in a band or studio recording format. 

There are 4 grades

Your first step is to acquire a solid foundation on how to play the songs you love( Ed Sheeran, James Brown, Clapton, etc) in a group format. Yes, you will learn: chords, scales, melodies, songs by memory, left- right hand techniques, rhythm coordination, pitch recognition, song structure…. But above all, you will learn how to play and have fun in the real context, in a group and in a structure, with a start and finish.
After completing the first two levels, you will be able to choose a song you like, figure out it’s chords in any key, play the melody, play a simple solo and perform the song in a group setting as lead or rhythm guitar. Furthermore, you will also be able to compose simple songs. This is all great fun, and requires a structured pathway and your commitment to learning.
It's time to improvise, create good grooves, play expressive solos and expand your creativity. For this purpose you will develop solid technique, a thorough understanding of chord scale relationships and a set of practical tools for improvisation in a variety of styles Blues Rock Learn how to create a good rock solo and riffs. We will analyse solos from guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Robby Krieger (The Doors) and Keith Richards amongst others. Jazz .
Learn to produce studio quality acoustic recordings for your own compositions or selected pieces.

Personal Coaching 

Looking for dedicated support. Please consult availability and price structure.

Creative Guitar Academy Online personal coaching

Open Mic

Perform and showcase your compositions and songs on a weekly basis. Lets have fun and share our love of music.

Creative Guitar Academy Online Courses Open Mic

Visiting Artists Series

The CGA Visiting Artist Series is our interactive forum featuring some of today’s most innovative professional performers and creators.

Creative Guitar Academy Online Visiting artists series

What Our Students Have to Say

Some of my Students in action

Kim Manning

Creative Guitar Academy Online Ex Student Kim

Read more about her journey with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Parliament Funk.


Creative Guitar Academy Online Ex Student

Grammy Nominee Vocalist / Songwriter Read more

Phil Martin

Songwriter, Vocalist and Guitarist. Listen to his latest album.

Ethan Farmer

Hear him live at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA.

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