What is Improvisation

To improvise is to create melodic and or harmonic variations of a song or section so as to vary freely the intensity of how we need to perform.

We all have the need to flow, to express ourselves with constant changes of tension. However, we require training to understand how to translate these emotions into music.

Guitar Improvisation lessons

Improvisation Techniques

Your first step will be to learn how to play songs by memory: melody and chords. You will also learn the harmonic theory behind how the song is constructed and what scales and chords you have as tools for your variations.

Then you will learn to master a set of improvisational tools to help create variations of the melody and chords in relation to the beat and the feel you need to portray.

Motive Soloing
Rhythmic Density
Time Feel
Guide Tone Lines
Melodic Embellishment
Rhythmic Embellishment
And many more….

Choose your Style

Guitar Improvisation lessons Creative Guitar School

Play Lyrical

Learn to be lyrical, like Santana , whose lines are very vocal like.

Guitar Improvisation lessons Creative Guitar School Montgomery

Play Chordal

Create phrases, that talk in depth, about the chords, the way a jazz guitarist like George Benson or West Montgomery would play.

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The Blues Feel

In this following video I detail one of the many techniques you will learn as you progress through the levels.

The Joy of Improvising

Guitar improvisation is one of the biggest thrills you can have in music. The freedom to interact live in concert with other musicians, is a skill that you will want to develop. You must learn how to improvise, from the early stages of your guitar learning.

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