Creative Guitar Academy

A structured curriculum for contemporary guitar music styles, dedicated teachers and a community of supportive guitarists to help you improve,  be more expressive and creative in your playing. 

Syncronous Flow

Choose to your work at the same time as everyone else in the group. 

Achieve Mastery Level

Learn to feel the new knowledge,  create with it, and enjoy how songs become more powerful.


Weekly Google Hangouts sessions, peer review class mates assignments.

What will you learn

Learn to figure out on your own the chords and melody of your favourite songs.

Learn to play them in an ensemble developing your own solos. 

Understand how songs are created and learn to compose your own.


Beginners Guitar Level 1

Learn guitar, live guitar, love guitar You can do it! You can learn to play guitar! Fun! Learn to play great songs by artists such as Eric Clapton, Green Day, Paramore, Jason Mranz, Coldplay, Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Beatles, Sublime and many more with self confidence, competence and, above all, by tapping into your full creative potential. Effective! Hundreds of my students have successfully learned to play guitar. .

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Level 2 Hear and Play

Level 2 Hear and Play

After completing the first two levels, you will be able to choose a song you like, figure out it’s chords in any key, play the melody, play a simple solo and perform the song in a group setting as lead or rhythm guitar. Furthermore you will also be able to compose simple songs. This is all great fun, and it requires a structured pathway and your commitment to learning.

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Improve your chordal playing

Learn to make melodies with chords to match the emotional variations of the vocal line, to enjoy yourself even more in music, and open a pathway that will allow your inner creativity to flow seamlessly and therefore take your songs to a world class level.

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Feel – Imagine – Create

I have designed the courses to help you achieve your goals reinventing the how to learn to make sure you feel the new skills and apply them creatively.

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Commit to learn

Commit to a schedule to learn, practice and create. If you fail to complete the weeks assignments, you lose group privileges.

Practical Solutions

Have you ever felt that a song is boring and thought that adding a new section would solve the problem but it didn’t?  Read more.

Learn From The Professionals

6 courses are grouped in 3 modules: Module 1 – The birth of a song,  Module 2 – pre production, Module 3- The final recording.

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