Record your Song

All courses at the CGA require students to complete recorded assignments. Students can work as a group with our cloud platform and recording software as Logic or Garageband. 

Level 4 is especially targeted towards songwriters that wish to further develop their songs and accompaniments for studio recording purposes. 

How to Record your song Creative Guitar Academy

The Final Goal

The final goal of a songwriter or composer is to produce a completed song, for example with vocals, bass and rhythm section. The production must sound good, in other words, demonstrate with accuracy the emotion of the music. 

How to Record your song Creative Guitar Academy Philip

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How Do You Achieve This Goal?

The songwriter and composer will need to build skills to achieve the final process. My courses provide these extra skills which are:

  • Tools/strategies to make sure your full song has the most unique: chords, melody and the most powerful uplifting structure.
  • Tools to help you define the most adequate rhythm section, melodic-harmonic backgrounds, and counter lines to reinforce the melody of a song.
  • Techniques to help record the selected parts with accuracy, clarity and create pre production ready mixes that demonstrate your final product.
How to Record your song Creative Guitar Academy Studio

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