Ear Training

Master your Instrument

Ear training will help you master the technical and stylistic aspects of the guitar. It will also help you as a writer notate the music you have created or arranged, and as a listener understand what you are hearing.

Create and Have Fun

The objective of all the courses is for you to be able to play what you hear, improvise, create and have fun. 

In all courses you will constantly improve your aural skills through specific ear training assignments targeting melody, rhythm and harmony recognition.

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Hear and Play Full Songs

Learn to hear a song , it´s melody chords and play them without the need of written music or tabs. 

Learn to memorise a full song both melody and chords.

These ear training tools will help you develop a strong ability to compose your own songs and develop a very creative interpretation of such.

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Be Accurate – Imagine the Sound

Accuracy is the consequence of hearing the sound before we place our fingers on the guitar fretboard or strings. 

You must understand the sound, hear it and be able to sing it, before the final finger placement to avoid a non stop practice schedule. The more you can hear and sing, what you want to play on the guitar, the more satisfying the experience will be, and the quicker you will learn. 

Accuracy in the melody and accompaniment, is an important goal in your practice routine. Try not to guess where your fingers have to be,  first sing the sound, then find it. 

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I suggest a simple, but effective manner for learning all melodies. It is called the L.I.S.P approach.

  • L: Listen 
  • I : Imagine
  • S: Sing 
  • P: Play

With the under-math of a constant tempo, time frame, in all courses you will learn  to listen to melodic fragments, to imagine them ( in tempo ), to sing them and to play them.

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