Level 2 – Hear and Play

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About this course

After completing the first two levels, you will be able to choose a song you like, figure out it’s chords in any key,  play the melody, play a simple solo and perform the song in a group setting as lead or rhythm guitar. Furthermore you will also be able to compose simple songs.

This is all great fun, and it requires a structured pathway and your commitment to learning.

What will you learn

  • How to figure out the chords and melody of the songs you like.
  • How to play the song by memory in a group format: melody, chords and solo.
  • Two simple classical pieces to develop fingerpicking technique.

  • How to compose a simple song, melody and chords and record it with two different guitar parts.
  • Two scale patterns and bar chords to play your favourite songs in any key.
  • How to write your songs with simple music notation so others can play them with you.

And after you have completed the course?

You will be able enjoy music by playing what you hear and not having to depend on tab sheets or youtube videos for all the clues.

You will be able to play with others full simple songs as lead or the soloist and enjoy yourself a lot.

You will have a good foundation to start developing your guitar playing in any style you wish: Blues, Jazz, Pop, Classical or Flamenco.

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Approx. 42 hours to complete
Suggested: 5 hours/week