The Art of Accompaniment 101 (Group only)

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Transform Your Strumming

Songwriters, are you hearing something else behind your vocals and not sure what it is?

Learn to find and play those sounds applying arranging and orchestration techniques to your accompaniment and strumming.

All these sounds have been around for a long time.
Discover them, classify them and learn to use them..

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Complete the Course in 3 steps

Master the art in 3 simple steps and 12 weeks of rewarding work.

#1 Hear and Play

Learn the new sounds, play them.

# 2 Develop Your Skills

Practice in context, achieve fluency.

#3 Inspire

Create and record your professional guitar tracks.

Always with a Teacher

Learn in very small groups, work together and always with a teacher to guide you and help you.

Meet Your Teacher

I am the published author of the leading textbook on Arranging and Orchestration in the Spanish language. 
The guitar has traditionally been reduced to a role where it just sounds very very far away in mixes. How about we treat the guitar as an orchestra, a big band or a piano player and make it sound loud and clear and beautiful. 

Thomas Lorenzo Director Creative Guitar Academy
Thomas Lorenzo

Head of Music

El Arreglo un puzzle de Expresión Musical Thomas Lorenzo

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