The Craft of Accompaniment 101 (Group only)

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Transform Your Strumming

Apply Creative Arranging skills to your playing and drive each song to your own unique magical realm.

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The Great Band Sound

Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, John Frusciante ( RHCP), Andy Summers, Robert Fripp. What are they thinking of when they create those impressive accompaniments behind the vocals? 

These musicians have helped define what we all consider to be the great band sounds of our contemporary music.

Start off Simple

Spend 20 minutes singing the melody and playing only the pulse with balanced chordal dispositions. Then build on it and layer with arranging techniques.

This course teaches these techniques but above all the craft of how to apply them to your accompaniment.

Always with a Teacher

I hour per week during 12 consecutive weeks. Learn in groups of 4 , produce 3 songs, but always with a teacher to guide and help you.

Meet Your Teacher

I am the published author of the leading textbook on Arranging and Orchestration in the Spanish language. 
These courses teach you the craft of how to apply these techniques to the guitar accompaniment. Read my Story

Thomas Lorenzo Director Creative Guitar Academy
Thomas Lorenzo

Head of Music

El Arreglo un puzzle de Expresión Musical Thomas Lorenzo
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Level 4: The Craft of Accompaniment

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