Kim Manning 

Kim was a screamer as a student, with extreme out of this world expression in the likes of Janis Joplin.  Parliament Funk took her on board.

Kim Manning on board with Parliament Funk

Be unique, be yourself

I had the unforgettable surprise of meeting Kim while I was teaching at Paul Mc Cartney’s School of Music in Liverpool, back in 1998. She was very different to other students and a bit shy to be herself, but when she started to sing from her heart it just blew me away. 

I strongly believe expressing your inner soul. Furthermore, that is what we all need to hear since we all love to listen to the artist who is able to express the depth of their existence. 

During the courses I encouraged her and all others in the bands to act , perform and express as the unique individual they were. We played quite a  few tunes together including one of Janis Joplin´s which I will never forget. It was deep music. 

George Clinton 

It really wasn’t a surprise when I heard that George Clinton of Parliament Funk took her on board. Who would not want to have that explosion of energy on stage with them? 

It makes me very happy when people are themselves as this is the beauty of music. Furthermore, we can all be ourselves and if we are true to such, others will believe in us. 

We all need uniqueness, and music is a way for us to feel different. However, in order to deliver your uniqueness you will need a lot of music training as this doesn’t come naturally. Your need to express does come naturally but the craft to do so, requires a lot of work and guidance. 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Kim’s talents have taken her onwards to work with Red Hot Chilli Peppers,  Snoop Dogg, Macy GrayMike Gordon and the list continues. Keep up the good work Kim and thank you for showing me your unique voice and passion for life. I also adore her music productions.

I have had hundreds of music students in my life and I remember with extreme clarity all those who played their hearts out and this leaves me an imprint beyond any other life experience I come across. Kim is one of them.