How the course works

Course flow

The course lasts twelve weeks and is divided into thirteen video lessons of approximately five minutes duration each. I will deliver the first two lessons in the first week. 

Please follow each video with its transcript in the text section of each lesson. The text version also has the scores and the download links. 

Workload: 2 hours per week.

What to do every week ?

Each lesson is unlocked on a weekly basis and you will need to complete all weekly assignments by the deadline, to have access to the new lesson. Please read the course index to understand the specific lesson layout and timetables.


Every weekly lesson has a set of assignments. You must complete them all in a satisfactory manner,  in the same week, and submit , to be able to progress and have access to the next lesson.  

This commitment is absolutely necessary to make sure you master the material effectively and learn to be creative with the new skills. 

There are four types of assignments in each lesson:

  1. Skill Test: A quiz of multiple choice questions to help you understand the topic. This assignment is self assessed.
  2. Play along with me: A selection of examples for you to play along with, to learn and copy a technique. Memorise all chords, shapes, combinations and repeat all the play along examples until you can fluently play with me at the same time. If you struggle,  slow down the tempo using the button on the video settings, but, before moving on to the assignment section, you need to have mastered all play along examples.
  3. Create your own: In this assignment you create your own examples to develop specific techniques. You will need to record them, so you will need access to recording equipment, for example a smartphone. You must submit your recordings for grading
  4. Inspire: And last but most important is the inspire assignment. You will compose your own examples with vocals or lead, to prove your mastery level. You will need to record this assignment, but in this case, you will need a multitrack digital recorder as garage band or similar. You must submit your recordings for grading.


All assignments will give you grades. And each completed unit will give you a skill certification. Once you have finished them all, you will receive the final certification called Mastery of Pivoting Techniques.

How will you learn and master the Pivoting Techniques?

You will learn to master these techniques in four stages:

  • Stage 1: In stage one you will learn between four or five different shapes of the seven chords in the C major scale. You will also learn to easily transpose these shapes to other keys as D and E , with the use of a capo. 
  • Stage 2. In stage two, with the objective of creating an accompaniment to the vocal line,  you will learn to create melodies with all these shapes, with the top, middle and bottom notes of the chords.
  • Stage 3.  In stage three you will learn to play the chords with one, two or three notes, ostinatos, pedals, added 7ths, stepped melodic lines, combinations and variations, to match the groove and the desired intensity of your accompaniment.