Video Transcript

How to create melodies with chords

Would you like to know how I organize my playing in this video as what you hear is just one of the many interpretations I can do, as I change how I play on the go; I improvise my playing. To do this, when I play any song, I learn very well the melody and the corresponding harmony at every single moment. I use the harmony, (the chords and the notes around them) to play the melody, modify it, reply to it , add notes etc

To be able to do this and have a lot of fun, I have to be aware of the groove and be aware of all possible melodies I can create with the top , middle and bottom notes of all inversions of each chord. Then I am ready to put the melody and the chords together and start having fun.

5  positions for all chords

Considering that, in this case, there are 5 inversions of each chord in one position,  and there are 5 positions to play all inversions, I conclude it takes some time to master this technique. However, if you start with just one position and master it,  you will be having  great fun with your music in any style, and in no time at all.

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