Guitar Improvisation Tip Number 1

This is my guitar improvisation tip for today on creating melodies on the go in, other words improvising on the guitar.

Video Transcript

Improvise with the Eb pentatonic sound

The next time you improvise over a 11- V repeating chord progression, for example an Fm7 and Bb7,  instead of playing the Dorian scale over the Fm7 and the Mixolydian scale over the Bb7,  create a floating sound by playing the Eb69 chord over both chords…….


Improvise with blues

Create contrast by talking with the F blues scale over both chords…..


Improvise by eliminating chords

Create more tension playing only Bb7 over both chords……


First here comes the groove where I define the chords with nice melodic lines in the lead and with a groovy bass line…..

Next the solo……

Keep in touch for my next guitar improvisation tip on creating your sound on the guitar.

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Your tool kit for improvising

Please explore these options and add them to your toolkit. The more tools you master the more expressive and creative you will be.  As a consequence you can have much more fun and never run out of ideas in your playing or better yet, you will be able to reflect with more precision the feel you wish to reproduce.

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