What do you need to know to take this course? Copy

4.2 The Prerequisite Test

Before we begin, we’d like to learn a bit about your level of guitar playing. 

In order to follow the course and benefit from it, you need to have completed the courses:

  • Hear and Play – Level 1 and 2

Or have the following skills:

  • A basic understanding of how to read, both music written with tabs and standard.
  • A thorough understanding of basic open string chords.  
  • The ability to sing full songs and play chords at the same time.
  • Transcriptions skills: the ability to hear a melody, play it on the guitar and write it in tab or music notation.

If you are not sure of your level and would like to see where you are, and to find out what else you would need to work on before signing up for the course please complete the following two assignments.

1. Download this track and pdf file.

2. Submit a recording

Submit a recording ( send mp3 file to info@thomaslorenzo.com.au) of you playing another song of your choice. You have to decide what the word play a song means to you. 

Thank you, and have fun!