Lesson 3b – Chord joining routine: Em and G chords-

3 Step two- Join them 

4/4  |Em | G  | Em | G| 

This is a visual representation of what you have to do. Each chord, between the brackets, lasts  a specific number of beats, or taps with your foot.

The symbol 4/4, indicates four taps of your foot between brackets, hence, each chord has a duration of 4 counts. Join them and learn   how to play the Em and G chord.

3.3.1 The goal

Your goal will be to play: 

 4/4  |Em | G  | Em | G|

likes this:

Get ready

  • Place your fingers in order.
  • Name the bass.
  • Play the bass.

3.3.2 Slow it down 

In order to learn how to play the Em and G chord fluently, you first need to practice it slowly. I suggest you first play it numerous times without tempo striving for clarity of sound as follows.

Get ready

Play along with me.

  • Place your fingers in order
  • Name the bass
  • Play the bass


1 and 2 and 3 and strum 23, make sure you place your fingers down exactly when you say 23,  

now check for clarity and reposition your hand, 

and 1 and 2 and 3 and strum, move, make sure you lift your fingers 2 and 3 when you say move, 

and, place your first finger down, make sure you place it exactly when you say one, 

now check for clarity and reposition your hand,

and 1 and 2 and 3 and strum 23, 1 and 2 and 3 and strum.

Rewind and repeat this routine 10 times.

3.3.4 Play the goal 

Now you should be ready to play it in tempo non stop. Play along with me. 

3.3.5 On your own 

Stop the video and do it on your own. After each repetition ask yourself the following:

Check questions

  • Did you turn on your metronome?
  • Did you tap always your foot while playing?
  • Did you count it in?
  • Did you sing or say what you where doing?
  • Did you play non stop?


Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to, until you can answer with a yes all the check  questions.

Still not able to jump between chords ? 

It would be quite normal,  at this stage, if your are still not fluent in the chord change. If so, rewind and repeat step two a few times, and you will soon notice improvement. 

7 Assignments 

7.1 Record yourself

Record yourself in video, with your phone, playing  4/4  |Em | G  | Em | G|). Your recording must answer yes to the following check questions. Once you are satisfied please submit your recording.

Check questions 

  • Did you turn on your metronome? 
  • Did you tap your feet while recording?
  • Did you count it in?
  • Did you sing what you were doing? 
  • Did you play it non stop?