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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I study one-on one or online?

This course is designed to work well for you online. I have designed the online methodology to improve how you learn, and how I make sure you master the lesson and the associated skills.

Over the last 30 years of my life as a teacher, my main frustration has always been the consequence of a student doing their best, but not remembering how to focus on the important results. 

It is like always forgetting to turn off the bathroom light, when you know you should, as it will save electricity. Well, in my online courses I am there to remind you every minute of what you have to do, to get your best musical results. I am like a big mama reminding you through quizzes, assignments, hangout sessions and group forums what you have to do and how. 

I know what students will not do and have taken steps in my courses to make sure you are aware of it. So, I recommend my online courses which are the same as one on one, but better.  The topic is better explained, better presented, the support to help you do the work is even better than one on one, because of the groups and the google hangout sessions.

You will benefit from working in a group as you will help others in their recordings. And, I am always monitoring to make sure you are learning correctly.

Are there many instructors?

No. Just me. I want to keep my teaching and your learning very personal. I offer quality learning, and I only have a limited amount of groups working at the same time.

Can I study at my own pace?

Not recommended! I have books on the market where you can learn at your own pace but it is better to learn in an environment where you have to commit to a timetable. My online site is for those musicians who love to commit and learn.

What happens if I am not able to finish a course?

You will be able to repeat it at your own pace during a  consecutive period of 6 months, at no extra charge but with no feedback from me on your work and assignments.

Do you offer refunds?

This is one the most important frequently asked questions. We offer no refunds on online courses. Please make sure you read all that you are going to learn and have to do before committing. Remember, it is your responsibility to be able to sync your Google account to work with Google hangouts, Google Drive, the forums and you tube.

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