Muddy Waters Blues Guitar Courses

Level 3 – Styles & Improvisation

About this course Learn to play blues, in major and minor. Learn to add chords, modify existing diatonic harmonies and make your playing explode with expression.  Learn to play solos that define the chords or that are lyrical and sing.  Explore the major and minor  colours and extensions of each diatonic chord . Compose with …

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The Art of Guitar accompaniment.001

The Craft of Accompaniment 101 (Group only)

Don’t miss out! Get your promotional FREE 30 min assessment and experience the course. Meet Your Teacher I am the published author of the leading textbook on Arranging and Orchestration in the Spanish language. These courses teach you the craft of how to apply these techniques to the guitar accompaniment. Read my Story

Level 1 – Hear and Play

Course Description Hear and Play Level 1 Learn guitar, Learn the basics of music This beginners course is designed to help students who have difficulty in learning the guitar in a traditional manner.  Do you have difficulty memorising music, remembering chords,  playing in tempo and playing with others? At the end of the course you …

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