Four Ways to Learn from CGA

Creative Guitar Academy provides different ways to serve the musical community.

The CGA Academy

The heart of CGC is the Academy. A full curriculum that guides you on a progressive journey to musical development. Join hundreds of guitarists from around the world.


Extra content to further insights into your creativity output: Improvisation, Chord development,Songwriting, Creative accompaniment and Song analysis


Hear and see what to learn

Free lessons

For the public guitar community we offer a range of free resources and educational materials. From live workshops on our YouTube channel, online jam sessions, and visiting artist series.

Your Musical Journey

We wish to help you play the guitar in the most creative manner, to develop self expression for your personal wellbeing.

In our musical community you will undertake a thorough comprehensive structured curriculum that will allow you to play in a diversity of styles, blues, funk, jazz, flamenco, but with an effective understanding on how to create your own style of playing.   

Songwriters will learn to use the guitar as a tool to expand and develop their songs for studio productions and releases.

Creativity and Knowledge

You learn to play the guitar in a creative manner by acquiring solid skills not only in performance but also in:

Ear Training

Learn to hear what you want to play and find it on the guitar.


To help you compose, improvise and know how to bring to life what you hear and feel. 


Learn to arrange how you want to play your songs in a band or studio recording format. 

Who is it for

Do you want to play jazz, funk, blues or groovy songs you love ?

Do you want to be able to  figure out the melody and chords on your own, play good solos and create good accompaniment for your recordings ?


Our curriculum is also targeted towards songwriters, to help them create more unique songs  and studio productions. Learn how to create the perfect behind the vocal groove, or band accompaniment.