Your Personal Guide to Learning the Guitar in Contemporary Music Styles

Whether you are just starting out, or you are re-visiting the guitar after many years, it is quite possible that the overwhelming amount of content available on the internet has left you confused about where to begin.

Personally, I need structure in order to learn, and that is why I have created a curriculum that is comprehensive and with the goal of developing your maximum creativity as a musician in contemporary musical styles as jazz, rock, pop, blues. 

A Unique Method of Learning

Based upon my experience in music I designed this curriculum by answering the following question:

What does a guitarist need nowadays to play both live or in the studio, develop their music as a soloist or songwriter, be creative and unique? 

So I looked back at all my training ( Berklee College of Music) , teaching ( Paul Mc Cartney’s School ofs  Music) , Albums and Books. I then eliminated the unnecessary skills I was taught, highlighted the needed skills and selected the most effective pathway for learning them. 

The CG Academy

The CG Academy Curriculum is divided into 4 grades that flow on from one another. This allows for goal setting and a sense of achievement as you progress through the courses.

From Beginner to Advanced

Progress efficiently through 6 levels of learning with your fellow group members. 

You will achieve not only a solid foundation in your performance skills but also in your ability to create, vary and flow by mastering:Ear Training, Harmony, Music Analysis and Acoustic Production skills.

CGA Events

From local concerts, masterclasses, festivals, we host fun events with amazing people.

Record Collaborate Share

CGA  encourages student interaction to deliver final studio productions of all songs and compositions with Logic Audio, Garage Band and ProTools software.

Visiting Artists Series

The CGA Visiting Artist Series is our interactive forum featuring some of today’s most innovative professional performers and creators.

The Blog

The Creative Guitar Blog has some thought provoking and inspiring articles that delve into a range of topics.

The CGA Team

Thomas Lorenzo

about guitar instructor Thomas Lorenzo head of music

Founder and Director

Thomas is the head teacher. Recording artist , Award Winning Composer, Producer and Author. A Berklee College of Music Graduate.

Meet Thomas

Daniel Montoya

Community Manager

Dani is an experienced guitarist and software developer.

He keeps our site running smoothly and takes care of all your questions.

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